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Sales Agreement

1) Contract Cancellation

The property reserves the absolute right to terminate any contract without any compensation if the object or the cause is incompatible with the purpose of the premises, is contrary to good morals or likely to disturb public order.

If canceled due to the Domaine de Patras, the full deposit will be returned to the customer within 72 hours.

For a cancellation due to the customer, the deposit paid will be retained by the Domaine de Patras.

2) Responsibilities - Insurance

An inventory will be done before the event. A security deposit of € 5,000 will be required, and it will be returned immediately after the inventory after the event is done.

The customer is responsible for his guests and their good behavior during the event, is accountable to the public authorities as to the legality of the event, and any disorders that occur during the event. All disturbances or outbursts would result in actions for damages from Domaine de Patras to cover material and financial damage.

Domaine de Patras is insured for damages caused to customers, guests, staff, and for the building and its equipment.

The customer is responsible for all damages done to its guests, staff and items he has custody of during to the event. This responsibility is normally covered by casualty insurance: however, it is best to consult your insurer.

The Domaine de ​​Patras is not responsible for theft in the locker room or elsewhere (parking, bedrooms etc ...) and cannot be held responsible for theft or damage.

3) Miscellaneous and event time

The rental space will be available at 10am and the day before to drop off the decoration or other material. All music must end at 5am.

All event space must be emptied by 5am so we can start cleaning.

Rooms can be made available at 1pm at the earliest on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 1pm on day of departure.

On Sunday, or the day after a wedding reception, you can enjoy the places up to 5pm.

All decoration and equipments set outside and inside of the facility, must comply with the regulations and safety standards and approved in writing by the management of Domaine de Patras.

The following are prohibited unless approved in writing by the management: any piercing, coating, use of any sticky material on all walls, floors and ceiling.

To avoid damaging the lawn, only the graveled areas can be used for parking, and an additional dedicated parking area will be available for the event.

The event will be held exclusively on the courtyard side of the property, reception room and patio.

As a security precaution, access to the pool will be prohibited from 6pm and children must be monitored at all times under the total responsibility of their parents. (Immersion detection alarm in place)

Regarding the music, and all unwanted sounds (both inside and outside), the customer is responsible for any breach of the law and must respect the Decree No. 2006-1099 of 31 August 2006 related to neighborhood noise compliance.


A) Ashtrays are installed at your disposal everywhere, outside ... please use them.

It is forbidden to smoke inside the cottages, bedrooms, reception hall, and all indoor spaces.

B) We are renting a clean and well maintained place, so all launch of party favors, confetti and other paper or polluting materials is strictly prohibited (due their difficult and sometimes impossible cleanup).

C) For obvious safety reasons, all fireworks, spark sticks and other pyrotechnic materials are prohibited.

D) For environmental and economical reasons, we ask you to please turn off heating, lighting etc ... in the cottages and bedrooms, when you no longer need them, as well as all outdoor spots.

E) Animals are not allowed inside and outside the cottages, bedrooms and reception hall.

F) If you elect to use external providers, such as DJ or lighting ... All connected electrical equipment must have prior authorization from the management and any added lighting will be LED.

Any breach of these rules or the good keeping of the grounds causing damage to the Domaine de ​​Patras, and its resulting damages will be deducted from the deposit check or generate an insurance claim or lawsuit.

The contract is governed by French law.

I, the undersigned: ............................................... ............. accept the terms of sale of the Domaine de ​​Patras,

On ................................................